I am proud to be from rural Alberta, Canada. 

In addition to poetry and performance I write about literature, pop culture, and the arts.


  • MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry), Columbia University

  • BA Hon. in Philosophy, University of Alberta 

    • Thesis on the aesthetic experience of nature (beyond logic/articulation) supervised by Allen Carlson, pioneer in the philosophy of nature/environmental aesthetics.

    • Philosophy of the body with Cressida J. Heyes, Canada's Research Chair in Gender and Sexuality, included a yoga practice that built on a dance/phenomenology background.


A combination of experiential somatics, theory, and storytelling continues to inform her interest in expression, politics, epistemology, and sweat.

Before teaching writing I worked in a sex-positive, woman-positive and body-positive sex shop. That led to educational presentations on body/language in academia and the greater community, and a theatre production addressing the ways we teach and talk about sex. I also worked as a Creative and Literacy programmer in public libraries and Inner City Children's Programs, fostering creativity and confidence in at-risk youth.